Tricia Dege


Lead Coach


I looked forward to being a Mom for many years.  When my first daughter arrived I was pretty far along in my career.  I wasn’t quite sure how I would balance career and motherhood, but I had a couple of great women leaders who made that easier for me.  One of them said to me, “When they put that baby in your arms, you’ll just figure it out.”  She was right.


There was a significant age difference between me and most of the other executives.  I longed for a network of women who knew the balancing act, who wanted to study the latest business book, or those who had tips and tricks to make this easier.  I would often ask my Mom, “Where are the people like me?”  No doubt there were plenty of networking events at happy hours and ball games, but I chose to be home with my daughters after work.  And frankly, with a pilot husband who was gone 3-4 days a week, getting home right after work wasn’t just a choice but a necessity.


I founded Mom Mastermind to create the coaching and community that I desired when I was advancing my career.  During my time with a large consulting firm and as Senior Vice President and CFO for a large company, I craved a network of women in similar life stages to learn from and connect with. 


I am a Certified High Performance Coach, through the High Performance Institute, and I have been coaching and leading teams for decades.  I get great joy from guiding others and seeing them succeed.


Amanda Schwager

 “I have no idea how you do it” - I have heard that from friends, family, and acquaintances countless times throughout the last decade.


For many years, I felt the stress of being a full-time working mom in a large corporation with 4 young children at home, and a husband who also had a full-time, high demand career.  I felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day to address all of the ‘needs’ that were required with being in the corporate world while also taking care of my responsibilities as a mom and wife.  Whether it was preparing for a presentation at work or trying to keep everyone’s schedule at home, I always had something to do and I was finding less enjoyment and fulfillment in anything I did.   A number of years ago, after being promoted four times in five years, I made the choice that I did not want to miss those ball games, gymnastics competitions or dance recitals.  I wanted to volunteer in my children’s classrooms and be active in my church.  I wanted to enjoy time with my family and my friends.  


Over time I have learned that with the right tools, structure, support, and personal commitment I can successfully manage all of my roles and responsibilities. We now have 5 awesome and active children, my husband is a Partner in his law firm doing what he loves to do, I am still a taxi driver and cook, and I continue to cherish my time with my family and friends.  However, I now am in business with one of my dearest friends helping working moms figure out how they can be successful and feel fulfilled in both their personal life and their professional career.